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The closing is official

06 Jul, 00:00 • News

Official: NVP has acquired 50% of HiWay Media and 50% of Tangram.

Now it's official: NVP has acquired 50% of HiWay Media and 50% of Tangram, and together they will form NEW HIWAY, a company specialising in innovative streaming services on OTT platforms. New HiWay will target High Standing clients, federations, leagues, clubs, promoters and event organisers, with a unique positioning in the market that will allow the management of the entire supply chain from content creation to the management of video streaming by end users: starting from on-site connectivity, taking care of TV production (from mono camera up to complex Ob-Van direction in 4K), passing through the process of encoding, transcoding, editing, distribution and intermodal delivery of content, ending with the development of fully customisable and flexible OTT platforms, with a strong focus on fan engagement and user experience.